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Consistency - just why is it so important?

Why is it so important when it comes to your logo, your brand and your image?

If you want to know how important it is just have a look around the high street next time you visit. If you do you'll see some of those big names such as Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Waitrose & John Lewis looking exactly as you expect them to look. They look the same on every high street as they all use defined brand standards to ensure their customers (you) recognise them and head towards them with your money.

How does this apply to a small business - well it works exactly the same way. You need your customers to recognise you everytime they see you. Whether it be your website, your various social media channels, your business cards or even your invoice make sure you look consistent. It really will give you a professional look and it will ensure anyone thinking of buying your goods or services will trust you as your business "looks the part".

Top tips:

1) Set your brand standards such as fonts, colours, images and stick to them.

2) Have a set of brand assets such as your logo, your brand marks and your font saved in an easy accessible place on your computer - this way you can drop them in every time you need them.

3) Match your website font to the font you use on your business cards and invoices.


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