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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns using Mailchimp by Branding Box

Would you like to keep in touch with your customers, tell them about new products or services? Or maybe promote a sale or special offer you’re running?

Branding Box can help you create effective marketing campaigns that look good, and encourage new and existing customers to click through to your website.

We use professionally designed HTML templates and campaigns to make sure your emails catch your customers eye. We also ensure your email campaign reaches your customers at the optimal time, helping increase your click through rate.


A professionally designed email template

We use Mailchimp as our email marketing platform. We create you an eye catching template that can be used weekly, monthly, bi monthly, or whenever you require an email campaign.

How does this help your business?

By making sure your email campaign fits your brand perfectly and are easy to read, encouraging your customers to click through to your website giving your campaign the best chance of success.

Planning sessions

We will arrange planning sessions so that we can brainstorm ideas, plan your campaigns and discuss content. Do we currently manage your social media? If so, then we can align your email marketing to your social media content ensuring you give a consistent message.

How does this help your business?

Having the chance to sit down with us and brainstorm ideas helps you plan more effectively and reduces knee jerk reactions and rushed decisions. We’ve worked with a number of businesses to help them plan their social media and email marketing, so you can be sure we have a few ideas up our sleeves!

We hit the send button

We will put the plan into action using the templates that we have designed. Your email will include images, links to relevant pages on your website along with some enticing copy that will encourage readers to click through onto your website. 

How does this help your business?

We'll have planned the best time to hit the send button, giving you the best chance of a successful campaign. Have a think about how many emails come into your inbox over night. They can easily get deleted quickly over a morning cuppa. Thinking about the best time to deliver your email campaign is key to boosting its effectiveness.  

What are the benefits?

A set up fee of £250 + VAT applies for your email template, and then each email campaign starts from £100 + VAT. This gives great value for money when you consider the results your campaign can bring.

Our campaigns can help you reconnect with old enquiries. They may not have taken your services last time, but it doesn't mean they won't be interested in the future. 

Encourage repeat business by promoting other products or services to your existing customer base. 

Turn passive leads that might not be actively looking for your service into your customers. A timely marketing email can be just the prompt they need.

As you develop your email list the effectiveness of your campaigns will grow. Customers will remember you and turn to you when they need your services. 

Quickly update your customers with new offers, products and news.

Richard Worsfold from Branding Box talking about email marketing

Let us use our expertise to help you engage with your clients.

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