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Branding Box is a brand agency based in the South East of England, and was founded by Richard Worsfold in 2022. 

We want to make it easy for our clients to ensure their brand looks consistently good. We have partnered with a number of creative partners to ensure our clients have access to the best services possible. 

Richard Worsfold - Brand Maker

Richard Worsfold


We want to make it easy for your business to look its best

Imagine the enhanced appeal of your business with a consistent look and feel at every customer touchpoint. This consistency not only projects professionalism but also fosters trust and encourages recommendations from your customers. Indeed, a consistently attractive brand is a fundamental pillar of a successful business.

Branding Box is dedicated to ensuring that our clients' brands remain consistent across all platforms. Whether it's a website, logo, social media post, business card, or email signature, your brand will always maintain consistency.



We actively look for new ideas to improve our work, and to ensure our clients' brand stands out from the crowd.

Passionate & Proud

We bring a deep passion to every design we create, infusing pride in every detail to give our clients the best.

Branding Box Type Writter


If we don’t think a design is right, we’ll take the time to perfect it, ensuring that we meet our clients’ brief.

In business we think it is important to be well connected. We're proud to be part of:

Behind the scenes

Richard Worsfold - Brand Maker at Branding Box behind the scenes filming shoot
Richard Worsfold talking to Aidan Flynn of Flynn Grooming
Richard Worsfol filmin with Ron Bassett of REGB Films

At Branding Box we're /brand-makers

Richard Worsfold talking to Andrew Duffy of Badu Hair
Richard Worsfold of Branding Box talking to a client
Richard Worsfold working on a website at Branding Box

The brand & digital marketing experts

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