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Social Media

Social Media Services by Branding Box

We can create standout social media content for you, giving you the time to do what you do best: running your business.

Do you find you don't have enough time to tackle social media? Being consistent across social media is so important if your customers are going to remember you.  

There is a common story we often hear when social media is mentioned - it usually goes a little like this: "I was really good and posted everyday for three weeks, but I started to find it a chore and gave up. I've now not posted for 3 months."

How do you get around social media fatigue? One solution is to work with someone that can create your content and social it for you.

Imagine how good it would be to have all of your social media channels working for you every week with a variety of posts.

Creating social media content is so much more than just putting a bit of text and an image on a post. When we are creating content for your business we will go through the design process together. We will look at your current brand - your logo, brand colours and story and create a style that fits just perfectly. 

Social Media Packages

Three packages to choose from

Branded content created specifically for your business

Much more than just "selling" posts

Tell your story

Optimised scheduling to match your audience

Facebook Group Sharing

Keep your feeds looking fresh

Saves you time

Regular Catch-ups

Extra post options available ensuring you can react effectively to changes in the market

£150 per month plus VAT


£175 per month plus VAT

ONE weekly posts  across TWO platforms


£265 per month plus VAT

TWO weekly posts across THREE platforms


£325 per month plus VAT

THREE weekly posts across FOUR platforms


Weekly sharing of your content to local Facebook groups such as community groups, local business directories, or business information forums.

Google Business Profile Management, including sharing content on your profile, helping to boost your local search engine performance.

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