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Work Experience with Izzy

My name is Izzy and I'm currently studying at Haywards Heath College. I'm studying Media, Business, and Criminology. I've been with Richard and Josh this week for work experience to get an understanding of what it is like in the marketing/graphic design industry. This week, I have been observing the behind-the-scenes aspects of all the social media content and websites that Richard and Josh produce.

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that you wouldn't realise. Particularly, when launching a website, there are all the technical parts like SEO and how to make a website be the first one to come up when you search for certain words.

What did I do?

I've managed to gain a great understanding of Canva and even made some Instagram story posts for one of Richard's clients. I also joined them at their website workshop at Haywards Heath Town Hall, where they asked the people of Haywards Heath what they wanted on their Town Council website. It was good listening practice for me as I had to make quick and informative notes for Richard to use when making the website. Additionally, I helped schedule Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Business posts for Richards clients, which was surprisingly easier to do than I expected. I then attended a Breakfast Networking meeting with Richard which was interesting as it was a good experience of networking within businesses and seeing how businesses interact.

Overall, this week has been a really engaging week finding out what it's like working at Branding Box and it has definitely added to my interest within the media industry.


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