The Humble Post Box

I was on my usual walk to the gym the other day and walked past this little post box situated on a triangle of grass.

I've seen this post box many many times but something about the light and the lush green grass behind it caught my attention. I love the way that the red really pops against the green background.

Add in the white accent colour on the information sign and I think you've got a perfect colour scheme.

Looking at the form of the post box I love the softness in the curved edges - nothing sharp and brutal about this little fella.

The rounded edges just give a calm understated feel lets that vibrant red colour really standout.

So this little image is going into my bank of inspiration. It may pop back out in a week or so to inspire me, or it might be hidden in there for months and months.

You might now be thinking "why is he telling us this?"

Really what I'm trying to say is that whatever I'm up to I'm always looking for inspiration so that I've lots of ideas stored away as you just never know when you might need one.

#graphicdesignerslife #alwaysbeingcreative