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Hero Images

Hero images - just what are they & do you need one?

A hero image is the first thing someone visiting your website will see so it needs to be something that represents your brand and what you have to offer.

Your hero image typically is the width of your website and may contain text or your logo.

If you’re an e-commerce business then one of your best selling products or your best offer to grab customers attention is a must!

Hero images can also be used across other media to help your customers understand your brand. I’ve used a few different hero images in designs I have created. There has been a fabulous bit of tool photography for a handyman service, a shoe, clothing & accessories shot for a personal stylist along with a picture that perfectly sums up a city recruitment agency.

Hero images can also be images of you in action. When I created a gutter clearing companies website it seems right to show gutter clearing isn’t all about balancing on top of ladders. So a gutter clearing action shot was used.

So YES a hero image is IMPORTANT! Very important! And YES you do NEED one.

Take sometime to find the right image that represents up your brand - remember this image is telling your customers what you do. Get a photographer in if you’re planning to create your own image to make sure it’s well lit, well edited and showcases your business.

Most importantly never forget this will likely be the first image your customers see so make those first impressions count.


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