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Facebook & Hashtags

Facebook is changing and I thought I’d share a little tip I’ve learned this week.

Hashtags were never a big thing when it came to Facebook, but they’re slowly becoming important. Facebook is going to start grouping posts through hashtags.

Adding a couple of hashtags will help boost your reach. However there are some considerations to think about.

You might think “great I’ll throw a lot of hashtags on my post.” Don’t!!!

Stick to 1-2 hashtags as adding more just reduces your reach.

Also, think about topical hashtags. Don’t stick to the same ones. I might put #graphicdesigner on lots of posts. Facebook won’t like this, so for this post I’d probably be putting something like #socialmediatips.

Whatever you do with your hashtags, be creative, think outside the box and be a little adventurous - it will help your post go along



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