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Digital Marketing Tips for December

As December rolls in, professional services firms, including law firms, tax advisers, mortgage advisers, and business finance specialists, face unique marketing challenges and opportunities. This festive month offers a chance to strengthen client relationships, showcase expertise, and set the stage for the upcoming year. Here’s a guide to what your digital marketing strategy should include in December.

Seasonal Content Creation - Embrace the Festive Spirit

Blogs and Articles:

Develop content that ties your services with the festive season. For instance, a piece on "Year-End Tax Planning Tips" for tax advisers, or "Legal Tips for Business Owners Preparing for the New Year" for law firms.

Email Newsletters:

Send out festive-themed newsletters. Include a blend of helpful year-end advice, a look back at the year, and a peek into your plans for the upcoming year.

Tips for Success

Ensure your content is relevant and adds value to your clients.
Use festive graphics and a warm tone to convey a seasonal feel.

Social Media Engagement - Amplify Your Presence

Seasonal Posts:

Share festive greetings, office decorations, or team celebrations. This humanises your brand and enhances relatability.

Year-in-Review Posts:

Showcase your firm’s milestones and successes over the year.

Tips for Success

Engage with your audience by responding to comments and messages.

Add Festive Touches

Branding Box Festive Logo

Add festive elements to your website or social media logos. Have you seen the Branding Box festive logo? We've added it to our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Ensure your holiday hours and contact information are updated.

Update them on your website, social media accounts and Google Business Profile.

Preparing for the New Year - Strategy and Planning

Start teasing your plans for the New Year. This could be new services, upcoming events, or initiatives.

Tips for Success

Use this time to build anticipation and excitement for what’s to come.

Remember: it might be December, but you shouldn't forget about your Digital Marketing!

December is a crucial month for digital marketing in professional services. It's a time to connect, reflect, and prepare for the future. By implementing these strategies, you can ensure your firm remains top-of-mind for your clients, setting the stage for a successful new year.


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