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Clough Cakes Website 'Lite' Project

Clough Cakes - website created by Branding Box

Recently we have been working on a new website for Clough Cakes - a bespoke celebration cake decorating business based in West Sussex.

Have a look at the final website:

We know that each business is different and what is right for one business isn't always right for another one. With this in mind we created a number of website packages to suit the different needs of our clients. When we were initially chatting to Harriet Clough, owner of Clough Cakes, our website 'lite' package seemed the perfect solution. This one page website, sometimes called a landing page could be used as a central point to direct customers to for cake ordering. Adding in simple features such as the Clough Cakes Instagram feed ensures that the website is always kept up to date with the latest yummy cake pictures.

Another big feature of the website is the enquiry form so that enquiries for cakes could start to be funnelled through this channel. Being flexible with customers is really important so for the customers that still wanted to send a message on WhatsApp a check list of what to include in the message has been added. All of this has been designed to reduce the time it takes to process enquiries - meaning more time can be spent on the important business things such as baking amazing cakes.

Branding Box put together a fantastic website for my cake business, they were efficient and listened to what I wanted from the website, can’t recommend them enough.

Clough Cakes - website created by Branding Box

Clough Cake's already had some fantastic logo and animated graphics that had been created by another designer. Using these as a template we were able to design the website to perfectly match the existing brand look and feel.

The Clough Cakes website might only be a one page site (two pages if you include the privacy policy), but it has been designed to grow as the business grows. The enquiry form includes a sign up to the Clough Cakes mailing list so that in time a mailing list can be used to communicate with customers. It might not be need at the moment but when it becomes something that is needed, the ground work has already been done.

When we are designing this type of one page website we make sure that it is easy to develop further so when the time comes and Clough Cakes needs to start adding more pages about their bespoke cake offerings, or if they want to add a blog to showcase some of their work it can be easily added.

As will all our website projects we offer a range of follow up options. If a client would like some training on how to update their website then we can offer an hourly rate for Zoom training sessions.

Clough Cakes - website created by Branding Box


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