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All roads lead to your website…

I have no idea who said this BUT it is so true when it comes to everything you do to promote your business. If you want your customers to buy from you then you really MUST make it easy for them to access your services.

Think about these #toptips to make sure all roads really do lead to your website:

1) Incorporate your website in your social media content - in the image is good, but even better is in your actually post text. On Facebook you can make this link clickable so your customers just have to click and they're on your website.

2) Make sure your website is featured in the bio section of your Facebook and Instagram profile. On Instagram this is the only clickable link available so make it count! And don't forget LinkedIn - it is just as important.

3) Is your email signature clickable? If not incorporate hyperlinks to your website and social media channels. Make it easy for people to get onto your site. Remember people will go for the easiest option.

4) Do you use electronic brochures, magazines or information PDFs? If so, make all the links to your website, services, products clickable.

5) Make sure you have signed up for your Google My Business profile - fill in all the fields and make sure your website is correct. Google likes things to be easy for its users so help Google help you get seen by potential customers and complete your profile.


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