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To FAQ or not to FAQ, that is the question?

One of the recent websites I created is an acupuncture clinic in Richmond, South West London, offering #fiveelementacupuncture & #reiki.

When I was creating the Balance website the brief was to create a calm & informative website.

One of the key features on the website is the #faq section.

It’s really important to remember your customers might be nervous and a little worried by the unknown. Having an FAQ section can encourage your customers to use you.

“What clothes should I wear” might be an obvious question to you but is it to your potential new client?

FAQs also help to reduce the number of questions you can get before booking or ordering. So saving you time responding to queries that are easily answered and leaving you more time to concentrate on the things you need to.

A FAQ section also keeps your customers on your website and keeps them reading. This is good for two big reasons. Firstly, the more time someone invests in finding out about you the more chance they have to use your product or service. Secondly, and equally important the more time someone spends on your website the better it will rank on Google - meaning more people will have the chance to see your website.

Another perfect use for the FAQs is on your social media platforms. As with the website they can be used to help your customers understand what you are offering. FAQs show your customers you care - they help you build a relationship with a customer.

Using them on social media will really help drive traffic to your website and encourage new customers who might be a little nervous to sign up for your product or service.

So have a think about those questions your customers always ask and add FAQs to your website and social media feeds.


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