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What does 50/20/20/10 have to do with social media?

You might be thinking what is he talking about but these numbers are actually really important when planning your social media content.

If your Instagram grid is starting to look all the same or you are struggling with new content sit down for a few minutes and have a think about the 50/20/20/10 ratio.

50% of your posts should be engaging and entertaining to your audience. Think about how you can use your products or services in a way that’s entertaining & catches attention as someone scrolls. Keep people wanting to come back see more with a series of posts. The A-Z of all things about your business might seem like a lot of posts but you could spread it out over the weeks and months to keep your content flowing.

20% of your posts should be about your brand. Tell your customers what your brand stands for and what you believe in. Don’t be shy - shout about your brand!

A further 20% of your posts can then be all about cheerleading. Celebrate your staff and their success, or use those amazing reviews that people have wrote on Facebook, Google Reviews or even ones that they have emailed you.

The final 10% can then be left for selling. Why so small? Social media is all about engagement and if people just feel they are getting the hard sell they’ll switch off and scroll past. The other 90% of your posts will have got your audience engaged with your business so they’ll want to buy from you without you having to go down the hard sell route.

So just keep the 50/20/20/10 ratio in your head when you are planning your content and it will keep your social media feeds flowing.


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